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The staff & department

Executive administration

The chamber’s executive administration consists of the Chamber’s General Manager and the following nine main departments: Trade promotion, training and business development, membership services, information and studies, administrative and finance affairs, computer and information technology, woman affair, legal, media and public relations.
The following is a brief description of the functions and duties of executive administration:

The Chamber’s General Manager:

• Following up the daily functions of the Chamber in addition to supervising the employees.
• Distribute the work load between the employees through the various department mangers.
• Supervise the preparation of the chamber’s yearly plan and present it to the Chamber’s board.
• Supervise the monthly and yearly administrative reports.
• Prepare for, attend and document the board meetings in coordination with the Chairman and the General Secretary.
• Execute the board decisions in coordination with the Chairman and the General Secretary.
• Represent the Chamber in cooperation and coordination with the Chairman.
• Responsible for hiring the needed staff for the Chamber in coordination with the Chairman and the Board of Directors.
• Follow up the Chamber’s activities and events in cooperation with the board and the chairman.
• Authorize payments and follow up with the treasurer and accountants with regards to normal daily administrative expenses.

1. Trade promotion department:

• Work on promoting the Governorate trade , create communication network and establish vast relations with local and international related establishments.
• Organize local exhibitions and trade shows to promote trade and commerce.
• Improve the awareness of the local businessmen interested in imports and exports through organizing lectures and seminars about international trade.
• Provide consultations to the general assembly members with regards to imports and exports and foreign trade.
• Organize businessmen delegates to visit international trades and exhibits.
• Strengthen the relations with other Chambers, economic establishments and foreign consulates based in the governorate.
• Publish brochures and guides to promote commerce such as a guide of international exhibitions and others.

2. Training and business development department:

• Provide training programs to the General assembly members based on their development needs.
• Oversee the project development and provide promotional, financial and other consultation.
• Establish cooperation with various entities to provide effective consultation and training services to the General assembly members.
• Contribute to the development and improvement of the local population and recent graduates and help furnish the labor market with leaders and trained labor force in cooperation with related establishments and ministries such as higher education ministry and ministry Labor.
• Conduct seminars, special courses and lectures that deal with economic matters pertaining to the general assembly members.

3. Member service department:

• Follow-up and facilitate the registration of new members and provide all the services they need.
• Enlighten the members with proper official registration procedures for investment projects.
• Issue the required certificates and official documents for the general assembly members such as membership certificate.
• Follow-up the members’ timely payments of the yearly membership dues.
• Assist the information and studies department in updating the members’ information.

4. Information and studies department:

• File and document the members’ profile and verify the documents provided by the members.
• Organize and classify the members’ files and archive it on the computer.
• Collect information, conduct economic studies and field surveys.
• Define and analyze the members’ needs and issue reports that benefit the local economic establishments and businessmen through collecting ample information about the different economic sectors.
• Modernize the Chamber’s library and augment it to fit the economic reality of the governorate.
• Document and issue a monthly report about the Chamber’s activities.
• Provide an updated information data base about the local and international markets to help the department provide assistant and consultation to enter the international markets.
• Issue related brochures and articles.
• Cooperate with local and international research and study centers in ways to benefit the Chamber members.

5. Administrative and finance department:

• Oversees the financials of the Chamber including control, supervision and the analysis of the Chamber financials.
• Record the daily financial accounting by way of a computer program.
• Issue the various monthly and yearly financial reports such as: yearly budget, income statement and cash flow.
• Manage the Chamber’s bank accounts and prepare periodical bank reconciliation.
• Supervise the Chamber employees daily functions such as: attendance, vacations, salaries and leave permissions…

6. Computer and information technology department:

• Complete responsibilities for computers and other technical equipment.
• Equipment, network and internet maintenance.
• Frequent updating of the Chamber’s website.
• Decide on the technical equipment specifications when the need arises.
• Cooperate with the information and studies department in carrying out field studies to update the Chamber’s data base.
• Provide the needed information when requested by a relevant entity.
• Secure, control and back-up the data base.
• Keep track of the computer programs used by the employees.
• Assist in the computer analysis and input of the information provided by the field studies.
• Any other related task requested by the Chamber administration.

7. Woman affair department:

• Emphasize the woman’s role in the governorate economics.
• Provide leading programs to facilitate the success of the women special projects.
• Organize activities and provide, in coordination with training and business development department, special training programs for business women.
• Heed and sponsor projects proposed and initiated by women.

8. Legal department:

• Oversees the General assembly members’ specific legal cases.
• Provide legal consultation the General assembly members.
• Organize commerce mediation and arbitration.
• Improve the members’ legal awareness through organizing specialized programs and seminars.
• Defend the interests of the General assembly members in front of all related official and civil entities.

9. Media and public relations department:

• Illustrate and emphasize the Chamber’s status both locally and internationally.
• Strengthen and establish excellent relations with all related official and civil entities both locally and internationally.
• Organize and carry-out activities that demonstrate and emphasize the role and status of the Chamber.
• Extend and improve the Chamber’s relation with the media and supply the media with the Chamber’s news and activities to show the effective role of the Chamber in serving the private sector and the Palestinian economy in general.
• Follow-up on the various Chamber publications such as the Chamber magazine, calendar yearly report and others.

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